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UNA Varsity identified with a caption Treasure of Knowledge inline with United Nations after taking accreditation permission from Intergovernmental organization of ICSTI Union of 22 Member states and 12 Partnered countries which is registered in the year 1969 in the United Nations as Diplomat Mission at Budapest Convention. UNA Varsity mainly identified the community while sharing the knowledge of United Nations to certify the capacity of  understanding, that while one shall follow the United Nations objectives, educate UN observance days themes. UNA Varsity sincerely finds the thought process of activities at decided corridors of Asia, Africa & Europe. It brings the cross country research analysis system of approach where an orderly person can understand the dos and donts for future endeavours.

The best example of this is shall be showcased . The picture shown beside that the youth community have allowed during the period of Africa Union Member Kenya High Commission visited to the a small village under the corridor Ahobhilam to Achampet centred at Mahanandi of Asia Pacific Work Station,


The below picture reads the High Commission of Kenya is on the ground

The team of UNA Varsity have been delivering the lectures on this corridor Ahobhilam to Achampet at every community locations. In this process after understanding the situations United Nations education is to be informed at ground level with a caption “ Stair the world from the local to global where youth community definitely would be bringing the facts of the issues to be followed the Pre & Pro SDGs. With the rich experience of  15 years background from the year 2008 has allowed the UNA Varsity to get accreditation from the Intergovernmental organization.

The participation certification shall be given to the youth community at free of cost after virtual or personal training on 5 elements 24 streams with inclusiveness of pre & pro SDGs inline with ICSTI & UN Framework. The authorities of the UNA Varsity gave a big thought in process of operation to serve the community in gaining the knowledge from all over the world of action-

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