Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration on Our different domains report

Continue conventional vision entity bringing scientific methodology paper

Though COVID 19 affected many lives, our group stood to serve the community from our organization’s mission group. The journey from ‘local to global’ in achieving the global goals and initiative on the preparedness of dos and don’ts understanding about global pressing issues to fill the gap. Our group functioned effectively in promoting while addressing at all platforms of nations, sub-nations, regions and subregions of every community.

In this proposal presentation, the UNA Mission group positioned and stood uniquely as a torch bearer in knowledge sharing and cross-learning. Many online / offline visitors were shocked to know the process of high-quality arrangements that one can easily understand to follow and implement the same at global level.

The different domain experts working along with other intergovernmental organizations such as ICSTI (International Centre for Scientific and technical information) union of 22 and 12 partner countries through a strong partnership / association ship the ‘Center for green economy India, Switzerland Europe’ played a vital role in connecting every UNA Mission group. This group touched every corner of ground community through organizing lectures on different continental platforms and gained rich experience in addressing about issues with preparedness activities irrespective of delays in receiving support due to pandemic from respective local governments.

Firstly, developed as a youth organization listed as the first of its kind among UNAs in the world in the major group member organization from UNEP. In this group, United Nations association of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (APUNA) affiliated by IFUNA intern affiliated by Govt of India, WFUNA New York & Geneva acts as locus standee supported in all means to enlighten to the world on all community activities in different streams that one how can become a world leader and young early scientist. Our group has generated and prepared the scientific methodology paper centered at Mahanandi under Asia Pacific work station ‘Ahobilam to Achampet’ corridor Asia, Europe corridor ‘Bellinzona to Zurich Switzerland’ and Africa ‘Nyeri to Nairobi County corridors. The high commission of Kenya has visited our Asia corridor.

The Europe authorities could not visit our Asian corridor due to the pandemic. In near future, they have shown interest to visit, and then we will place very important meeting from all three continents with a name ‘Congress continental committee under Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration’.

Further, we are specially accredited on our designed 24 streams with 5 elements on Space atmosphere, land and hill scape, beneath earth and seascape.  Our expert Deva Kaushik Lingutla excellency honors in Masters on Aerospace propulsion engineering is preparing data on challenges faced in aviation and on what could be the future targets that are required to be addressed for UN 2045 agenda.

On other elements of land and hill scape, oceanology and beneath earth has fully geared up to explore and connect with institutions like IIT, CSIR research labs, public sector units govt of India and international connectivity with an intergovernmental organization with a systematic approach acts as a special actor with a unique authority as thought pillar.

This Mahanandi (Great Bull) declaration scientific methodology paper connected with the inclusiveness of many action-oriented programs which are useful for every community on all elements, as such receiving special Accreditation from United Nations general assembly is an honor and will bolster the agenda.

The following is the information to share that:

Our group has been approved with a passionate and empathetic way in the research paper of Mahanandi (Great Bull) declaration after taking special accreditation from UN General Assembly dated 17th February 2022 seventy-sixth session agenda item 20 recalling paragraph 24 of its resolution 75/326 of 10th September 2021 as well as paragraph 15 annexure II thereto, approval to address. This again shall be added at Sweden Stockholm scheduled on 2nd June 2022.

The achievements are from many on our dedication and accepted from different stream entities and our explanations are less. This unique approach to thought process scientific methodology paper shall get resources of many to follow and it shall be submitted at ICSTI publication archive to enlighten the globe at all platforms of multilateral including the ICSTI framework as an author, philosopher finder, ambassador for a green economy, global voice strategist etc.

But this paper shall be derived at all levels of resources such as UNA varsity (knowledge treasure source) which has got accredited from ICSTI through their mail dated 18th October 2021 and the same shall be raised voice as Global voice at UNA today for better tomorrow again accredited from ICSTI on 18th October 2021.

All these outcomes shall be sharing the knowledge from cross-learning to fine tune from the center for green economy. The thought process paper again shall be addressed at topo talk through voice online & offline.

On all the above in Asia Pacific work station centered at Mahanandi corridor under Ahobilam to Achampet maintained and concentrated by APUNA Andhra Pradesh United Nations Association has played a vital role in moving and around of the local area

This entire outcome is also executed through sustainable topography India, Russia, Switzerland, and Africa corridors. Whereas these execution activities are in the advanced stage in the Asia Pacific work station but other corridors shall take it up soon since the COVID is normal.

The waste to wealth concept uniquely took place by our group and conceived in India first with the instructions of United research bodies mail info in the year 2019 but it is delayed due to COVID reason. In this context, it is well established from NMDC (National Mineral Development Corporation) Govt of India enterprises, we have labeled as mother unit of India for the beneath the earth for happening mines, safe mines with strong collaboration to implement at Chhattisgarh state government along with the technical information and it is mostly ready to kick off and our team is ready to nationalize entire world on different streams to support the community after designing the better policies for the better lives. The many executional thought processes from the oceanography are attached with 2021 to 2030 as an ocean decade stakeholder forum group active member

Then after the land and hill scape are connected with UNCCD and moving and enlightening at all level of sources.

On the above, we are proud to inform in connecting at every area and got it famous Mahanandi Great Bull declaration at the world where this will be submitting at every cop meeting and it is a transformation continued convention body with the support of all the group of UNA mission those are interconnected to outcome results. The information has been given through letters and emails related to state central and intergovernmental bodies with regards to our activities. The outcomes and findings shall be uploaded in the same link. Short films released and promoted through Prasara Bharathi in India and other related entities in different bodied in different states.

As an active member of IUCN Asia and Europe shall be reviewed and viewed in attracting the world heritage under a natural and cultural system in Asia. In the process of this context our group visited Danteshwari Temple, Danthewada, Chhattisgarh, India, Ahobhilam,Nandyal District, Andhra Pradesh, India, Lepakshi, Ananthapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India, Jogulamba Temple, Gadwala District, Telangana, India

Outcomes, observations, findings, challenging process analysis report community development actions to touch the right direction views would be highlighted after the concurrence of our group expertise on respective streams of cross research analytical thought process.

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