5 Pillars of Mahanandi Declaration

5 Pillars of Mahanandi Declaration

While driving the United Nations objectives at ground level from the office of CGE India, Europe and UNA AP& T gave a unique though process to achieve the Pre & Pro SDGs research analysis implementation that the Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration shall play vital role as commute commutator in understanding the do & donts

The group of different domain dedicated experts submitted a concept paper before ICSTI community that this scientific methodology paper would definitely stand to showcase as a best policy for better life of human being. Prominent experts came to conclusion to initiate the Mahanandi (Great bull) declaration for framing UN Vision 2045, after having big debates from the platform of ICSTI community, BRICS innovative summits, at many academic national & international institutes along with different communities.

ICSTI is a pillar of organ among five others.

International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information is an Intergovernmental body, Union of 22 countries and 12 partner countries, which is registered with UN on 1969 February 27 under article 102 which has diplomatic recognition and is headquartered at Moscow, Russian Federation. India is a member State where DST (Department of Science and Technology) Government of India heads as bilateral office.

CGE – It connects the different member states of Asia, Europe


UNA APT – United Nations Association Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, It is also a thought pillar where it can bring the people voice as mandatory which is affiliated to IFUNA www.ifuna.org and intern the IFUNA www.ifuna.org is affiliated from the Ministry of External Affairs Govt of India and WFUNA www.wfuna.org, Geneva & Network. This body supports from the local office of Asia pacific research station centered at Mahanandi (which is under its jurisdiction) UNA APT unaapt.org as informed to their higher authority officers to support in Framing UN Vision 2045 at Global Level for the knowledge sharing and cross learning.

UNA Varsity

to collect the scholars youth community from the various universities from the globe to act as treasure of knowledge

UNA Today

It is another pillar of thought to bring the voice of the people from the global level on the various topics to analyze scientific methodology opinion points from the different communities. (New channel)

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