#Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration

It acts as thought pillar of the globe, A scientific methodology paper
An unique approach declarations shall be bringing continuously with a comparison of cross country methodology scientific thought process in every required stream which are useful for the community at all levels of the regions, sub regions and nations, sub nations. This # Mahanndi (Great Bull) Declaration shall be discussed at all platforms to bring the acceptable paper and intern to shape the better action-oriented policy matter to implement at respective member states parliaments to showcase the Happy Index of the people at great one level. Our different domain experts team professors, scholars diplomats from the office of the shall regularly working to find new concepts to deliver and address to the people of every community on the dos and don’ts of the understanding preparedness activities through institutions private public participation continuously, in this context Three corridors have been selected and moving on the decided agenda from the locations of the Asia, Africa & Europe This locational advantages have been explained at different platforms and decided to have the corridors for the attractive findings from the execution, evaluation methods during before and after calling express of interest through papers and online formats. The unique scientific methodology paper on global pressing issues time to time continually shall be prepared through Mahanandi (Great bull) declaration to enable us to shape better policies from the appropriate and respective multilateral platform. The Mahanandi Great Bull declaration acts as thought pillar of the globe on our 24 streams from the Five elements (It acts as thought pillar of the globe)


The declaration towards the globe on the commonalities in the lodger interest of every member state. This is the high time every community should talk about mother earth and how the process in concentrating the happiness of the coming generation. In connecting with commute communicator towards happy planet and people. This activity shall lead the development towards right direction while moving / addressing / delivering on the concept the activity of this scope shall stand uniquely while monitoring / evaluating on the Five elements of space etc. on our designed 24 streams with inclusiveness of pre and pro SDGs and its beyond. The cross-country analysis with a comparison of among the specified corridor of the Three continents of Asia, Africa & Europe reports highlights the vision of 2045 and so on. The context of the points shall be archived by the competitor authorities of the multilateral agencies to enlight on the respective platforms of the conference of the member states. Then after the ideology on the implementation of information, education, executional thought process shall be given to the member state parliamentarians on the understanding of the dos and don’ts


As we do not have second place to live one has to take care the availability planet where we are now, when there is no plan B our preparedness process is to take of this mother earth.

Ahobilam to Achampet

This corridor the Ahobilam to Achampet has got its own symbolic history entity in all means of the land and hill scape including, rich biodiversity, forestry,live stock, agricultural, fàith community entities,wet and dry lands and water projects where we can talk about life under water which are highly connected to analyse with cross country learnings for the knowledge sharing on the pre and pro SDG’s research and it’s beyond.

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