Education sustainable development (ESD)

Education sustainable development (ESD)

Informative is education. The ESD plays vital role in the right direction development. Simply laying the roads constructing the buildings and promoting education without practicality is not education development. The process of unique thought process of education including mother earth care preparedness is right direction, But how, where, who, when, why all these requires, if so someone shall come forward to connect the ESD Who bell the cat Some body shall bell the cat This is the high time every one shall come forward with a caption that if not now when? if not we then who?
Expertise on the right moments for the right period is a question. Our government participants use to say that the law takes its own decisions, it is right and we agree it is taking but for the education it is behind we believe Many member states are working very hard but it empathy is missing, Our team has been identifying the thought process of education starts from the observing days of United Nations. The reality that most of them are not at all continuing the theme of UN. That’s why this declaration mean (Great Bull) Mahanandi bringing the education part with an unique way that somehow every person shall follow for their benefits and for the community,  The designed 24 streams with 5 elements with inclusiveness of pre and pro SDGs along with the respective interested streams are categorically explaining from UNA varsity treasure of knowledge and raising and bringing the people voice from UNA today for better tomorrow which are accredited by ICSTI intergovernmental organization union of 22 member states and 12 partner countries.

The system now To be followed by all the communities such as private, public, specially PSU:s of government of India enterprises, faith community, culture and history created agencies along with the Parliamentary methodologies are to be grounded. For which we wish to take it up on this day of international education day welcome from to participate in serving the community towards the right direction of thought method shall be established to overcome the problem and to touch the reality. Finally, all the institutions are to be followed on the right situation in line with mother earth rather than the ranking.

Generally, research modes have been curtailing by some communities since the youth are moving for the immediate benefits. The UN is coming up with alternative system that one can become young early scientists to become world leader expert, The UNA mission group and ICSTI is coming in line with UN to lead the system through scientific research methodology paper with a caption that the society we want, the world we want, the mother earth we want in the safe hands mean let’s not dance on the earth and let’s remain it safe for the coming generations.

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